An update

So, I made my first post then seemingly disappeared off the face of the earth. Well, here’s an update.
I had a whole bunch of things lined up that I was wanting to do, including a post for Autism Acceptance Month (which is now completely over, so I may very well have to save that for next year), but unfortunately, all that fell by the wayside because I got really, really busy with school. I use a different laptop for my schoolwork, which is not connected to my Vivaldi account so I don’t get distracted when I should be working, meaning I’ve been away from my blog for extended periods, and when I did find time I found myself with a grade-A case of writer’s block. Ultimately I decided that I should just put it all aside until I was done, since my quest for a degree always comes first (even if I wish it didn’t sometimes).

I’ve got one final stretch, and then the semester is over. After that I hope to post at least semi-frequently. I might even have a post lined up that I did on my work computer. Here’s hoping I won’t have writer’s block this summer!

So there’s my update. I felt I owed any interested parties an explanation for what happened. I’m thankfully not dead, haven’t given up on this thing, but very busy with other things.


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