A response to unexpected success…?

Wow. I was not expecting a post I wrote off-the-cuff on the spur of the moment to blow up like it did. I’m very grateful for all the feedback, and I’m glad I was apparently able to help a lot of people. It was surprising, but gratifying. So before I continue I just would like to say, thanks.
Edit: okay so apparently the supposed “mountain of feedback” was apparently like 90% spam…? Either that or I have an overzealous spam blocker… Anyway ignore the moratorium because apparently bots happened. The last part’s still true, though, so I am keeping this post up because that’s still helpful information.

I would also like to quickly say that this is not a software review site, but a variety blog (from reading some of the comments, I got the impression that some people might have mistaken it for one, and I do not want them to be in for a shock when I start talking about things like animation, cats, gaming, music, and the human condition), and while I quite like FOSS, I am not associated with any of it and am not an authority on the subject. I just want to make sure people know what they’re getting into. I aim to be informative in most things, but I generally talk about whatever I feel like talking about. This next post is going to be the last non-vocal synth software review in quite a while, and it’s one I’ve been planning for quite some time because I had such a pleasant experience with it.

Cheers, everyone.♥


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